Curriculum Vitae

Mag. Dr. Elisabeth HÖDL

Principal areas of research: legal informatics, public commercial law, data protection law, telecommunications law, IT law and political science

Focus of research: Ubiquitous computing and post-democracy

Elisabeth HÖDL, born in 1970, having completed her studies of law in Graz and served a qualificatory internship in court, worked as a member of parliamentary staff at the European Parliament and subsequently for several years as Assistant at Karl-Franzens University of Graz (KFU) at the Institute for Public Law, Political Science and Administrative Studies. Since 2001 she has been on the research staff and served as a specialist author at the commercial law specialists Eisenberger&Herzog in Vienna/Graz. In parallel she was teaching legal informatics at KFU Graz and conducts research on questions focusing the “effects of ubiquitous computing on law and society”. Since 2014 she has been Chief Scientific Officer of Watchdogs – The Data Company. In 2017, she founded Ubifacts, focusing on innovation consulting and corporate storytelling.

She worked as a editor of the specialist law journal “juridikum” and teaches at the Austrian Anwaltsakademie [lawyers’ academy] and at the Immobilienakademie [real estate academy] and, in the context of “Science to Public”, lectures on topics of IT law relating to society, which illustrate general questions of data protection, privacy and structural changes to society through computerisation.

The publication of her dissertation was supported by Dr. Maria Schaumayer, former President of the Österreichische Nationalbank [Austrian national bank] and Waltraud Klasnic, former Governor of the Province of Styria. Her literary works and texts were supported by the state, the Province of Styria and the Council of the city of Graz. Elisabeth Hödl holds the Wissenschaftspreis der Österreichischen Kommunen [academic prize awarded by the Austrian communal association] and the Minna Kautsky literature prize of the city of Graz department for women’s affairs. Under the auspices of an ERASMUS grant for study abroad she studied at the Université d`Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand, whilst the research work for the dissertation entitled “Hochschulzugang in Europa” [secondary school access in Europe] at the London School of Economics was supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science.

With her co-author Ralf B. Korte she published the electronic epistolary novel “FM dj (reading Reise durch die Nacht)” [FM dj (reading journey through the night)] through the German publishers AISTHESIS, addressing technology’s pervasion of society. Also written with Ralf B. Korte and published by Leykam in 2011 was the novel GALATEA, which dealt with the question of implanting microchips into human brains to alleviate mental illness. Elisabeth Hödl writes the techno-philosophical column “Nachrichten aus der Noosphäre” [news from the noosphere] for the literary magazine “perspektive – hefte für zeitgenössische literatur” [perspectives – magazine of modern literature].


Foto by Rostam Neuwirth